What is CAHDS?

CAHDS is the oversight body for Canadian Harness Dog Sports. CAHDS is wholly volunteer-driven and our Board of Directors is filled by volunteers from our various member organizations. 

Board of Directors
Regional Leaders

Sarah Warford

Tamara Harvey-Coli

Maude LaPointe

Leonie Morin-Dore

Karen Koehler

President & Director





Sarah Warford

Maritimes (MAHDS)

Mark Hartum


Maude LaPointe

Quebec (FQSCA)

Leonie Morin-Dore

Karen Koehler

Quebec (FQMECA)


Regional Associations

Where regional associations exist, membership to CAHDS is obtained through the association. These associations are volunteer-driven and involve many dedicated volunteers working hard to develop and improve harness dog sports in their regions. If there is a regional association in your area, please be sure to support them and volunteer wherever possible! 

Your regional association is also your avenue of communication to CAHDS. Any concerns or suggestions you have regarding CAHDS initiatives, events, or direction should go through your regional association's board.  CAHDS will also bring major decisions to the regional boards for consideration and comment. It is up to individual boards to determine if a matter requires a vote by its full membership or if it can be determined by the board or a designated committee. 






No association in your province or territory? Check the list below for a CAHDS member club in your area!

Where a CAHDS member club exists, CAHDS membership should be obtained via the CAHDS club. Where a club does not exist, CAHDS membership may still be obtained individually.

Any club in an area that does not have a regional association may apply for designation as a CAHDS member club. Any concerns or suggestions you have regarding CAHDS initiatives, events, or direction should then go to your club leader who will communicate with the regional leader for your area. 

CAHDS will also bring major decisions to regional leaders for consideration and comment.  

Club Name, City, Province


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