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This committee includes dedicated individuals from across Canada with a desire to ensure Canadian athletes have the opportunity and support necessary to successful international competitions. 


You can learn more about the IC Committee and how it functions via the official document below!


In order to compete at international events such as World Championships, Canadian athletes must first submit an application to be reviewed by the CAHDS Selection Committee. You can find out more about how the Selection Committee works below. 

Essentially, members of the Selections Committee are provided with blind copies of athlete applications which they then review. The Committee's decision is then submitted to the CAHDS Board of Directors who will advise successful applicants of their selection to Team Canada.

Selection Committee Members cannot also be applicants for Team Canada. The names of Selection Committee Members are not made public to ensure a fair and unbiased selection process. 


This committee is made up of volunteers chosen from among our independent membership. Our independent membership is made up of individuals who reside in regions that presently lack a Regional Organization. The individuals who volunteer their time for the independent members committee hail from all over Canada and are passionate about the growth and development of organized harness dogs sports structures across the nation. The main goals of this committee include the support of independent CAHDS members and assisting with the development of regional organizations in unrepresented regions

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