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Why accreditation is important:

Accredited events allow our sports to continue to grow in a safe and positive manner that promotes the development of our human and canine athletes and improves the quality and safety of the events those athletes are able to participate in.

Are you an event organizer or race director?

Are you interested in having your event sanctioned by IFSS, ACSCA/CAHDS or one of our regional partners? 

To apply for accreditation through IFSS or ACSCA/CAHDS, please review the CRITERIA. 

What can CAHDS do for you? 

CAHDS can assist by directing you to the regional organization in your area or may be able to provide direct accreditation where other options do not exist. Regional organizations are able to provide  sanctioning, assist with obtaining the proper insurance (it's important to note most race insurance is voided where the participation of dogs is allowed unless specifically outlined in the policy), and typically list accredited events online ensuring their members are aware of upcoming racing opportunities. 

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