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There are three types of CAHDS members: 

  1. Regional Organizations

  2. CAHDS Board Members

  3. Independant Members

Membership Details

How does Membership Work?

  • If there is a CAHDS Regional Organization in your area, your RO is a member of CAHDS and pays an annual membership fee to CAHDS. As an individual, you must purchase a membership to your CAHDS sanctioned Regional Organization. You are then affiliated with CAHDS through your RO and can compete on your regional team at national championships and can apply to compete on the national team at world championships.

  • If you are an Independant Member, you purchase your membership directly through CAHDS annually. Purchasing an independant membership enables you to apply for and compete on regional and national teams at national and world championships. 

  • Membership also contributes to CAHDS' ability to hear from and contribute to a broader demographic of people involved in harness dog sports across Canada and directly assists with CAHDS initiatives benefiting individuals, clubs, race organizers and regional organizations across Canada!  



  • CAHDS Board Members each have an individual vote at all directors' meetings, members meetings and at the CAHDS AGM

  • Regional Organizations have 1 vote per province or territory they represent at members meetings and at the CAHDS AGM

  • Independant Members do not have an individual vote, but can are welcome to contact CAHDS directly with any questions, concerns or suggestions they may have at

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