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Information for Prospective Race Organizers

The bid process will open July 10, 2023 and will close no later than December 31, 2023


Following the receipt of host applications, the CAHDS Board will review the applications and follow up with any additional questions.  The proposals will be evaluated and a host / event site will be chosen in early January 2024.

Once a host location is chosen, the prospective host and CAHDS will finalize a contract which must be signed prior to any announcement.


Once the contract is signed, the Event Host and CAHDS will coordinate a public announcement confirming the location and dates.

Download the Host Information Package and Application HERE.

Information for Athletes and Regional Organizations


  • International applications are welcome and encouraged! 

  • The international entry form will be made available on our website when Round 1 Applications open.


Qualifying Standards - Championship Classes

  • Athletes must be able to prove participation in a minimum of 4 races within the previous 2 years. Where a Regional Organization exists, at least one of these races ought to have been an event sanctioned by the CAHDS Regional Organization in that region.  

  • Athletes must have finished in the top 50% of competitors in their qualification races

  • Provinces and Territories who are governed by a regional organization may require a higher minimum standard or additional criteria for their competitors to race as representatives in the championship class

  • Residents of Provinces and Territories without a regional organization will apply via CAHDS Independent Selection Committee. To be eligible for consideration, residents without an RO must have been a member of CAHDS at the time the race took place. Residents without an RO may apply for special dispensation to include time trial results if there are limited racing opportunities in their region.

  • For registered northern breeds (RNB), athletes must be in the top 50% of the RNB class, not the overall ranking.


Qualifying Standards - Sport Classes

  • There are no minimum standards for Sport Classes. 

Selection Process

Round 1 Selections

  • All Regional Organizations must submit their 3 top athletes per class by June 15 

  • Any applicants from regions without an RO must submit their application by June 15

    • Application forms will be posted no later than June 1

  • Invites will be sent out by June 30

  • Once an athlete has received their 1st Round Invite, they must register by July 15

Round 2 Selections

  • Should capped entries not be reached during Round 1, the second round opens

  • All Regional Organizations must submit any additional athlete nominations by July 10

  • Any applicants from outside Canada must submit their applications by July 10

  • Invites will be sent out by July 20

  • Once an athlete has received their 2nd Round Invite, they must register by August 15

Sport Class

  • Should capped entries not be reached - sport class opens on August 15

  • Sport class is open to all

  • Separate start from Championship class

To download the full Athlete & RO Information Package, click HERE

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