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On-Snow 2023



Due to the minimal opportunities for racing over the past few years, this will be structured as an open championship, meaning there will be no selection process or application for regional teams. In order to be eligible for Canadian Champion titles, you must be a Canadian Citizen or have lived in Canada for at least 2 years. If you reside in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island, you must be a member of your Regional Organization (AAHDS/COHDS/MACQ/MAHDS). If there is no Regional Organization in your province or territory or you reside outside of Canada, you will be required to purchase a Weekend Pass ($50) for insurance purposes in addition to your class fee(s). 

12-dog Sled

6-dog Sled
4-dog Sled
2-dog Sled
1-dog Skijoring
2-dog Skijoring
Canicross-on-snow (Sport only)

Awards Categories
A full list of all classes and awards categories is available here
*NOTE: Purses will be awarded based on overall finish rankings in championship classes only (i.e. the purse will NOT be broken into categories). 


The applicable rules for all 1 & 2-dog classes can be found here.
The applicable rules for all other classes can be found here.

Start Orders
Start Orders are determined by random draw & will be posted prior to the event.

Timing & Results
Chip Timing via Chrono900.

Participant List
See Race Roster for the list of participants. 

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